The Island

My original, "Suite The Island" is featured on this CD.
The suite consists of 5 compositions, which are "Sea shore" "Star light" "The mountain path" "March" "Good-bye my island".

Sea shore
The theme expresses a sketch of a peaceful seashore on a beautiful island.
The solo part is an expression of the waves and sea winds.

Star light
Sketch of the starlight on an island far away from city lights.
I express the motion of the stars, twinkling light and the glitter trail of shooting stars in the sky on my guitar solo.

The mountain path
Mountain hiking music.
The theme is impression of various scene of mountain and the surprises you find.
On the solo part, I express the fun of hiking and the awesome views at the top of the mountain.

My image of March is a battle between winter and spring.
Winter is still superior but you hear the gentle footsteps of spring coming.
I express the variation of strong and gentle in this image.

Good-bye my island
A scene of leaving the island.
The island is getting smaller and smaller, while the beauty of the sun reflecting on the sea gently wraps your loneliness.


Yasutaka Yoshioka (Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Guitar synthesizer)

Mutsuhiro Koyama (Acoustic guitar)

Yumiko Shibata (Vocal on track 8)