Journey of my heart

Guitar Moon as an ensemble is featured on this CD.
All tunes are my composition but the music wouldnÕt be complete without the talent of each member.
I hope you enjoy listening to this CD.

1. Memory of the spring
I recorded this tune with 3 guitars pictured on the CD jacket.
You hear the difference of the sound of each guitar.
This tune is a bit sentimental but fun memory of spring.

2. Moon & Mars
Mars was getting closer to the earth when I wrote this tune.
The Moon and Mars were next to each other in the sky.
I imagined conversation and action between them.
Tetsuro plays good groove on his bass and KiichiroÕs drumming is great.

3. Joy summer
Although I don't like summer in Tokyo, that is hot and humid,
This tune is simple and bright like summer.
The tune has 4 keys in minor 3rd.

4. Like a wind, like water
Free as a wind and pure as water, I want to live that way, I want to love such a person.

5. Dancing fire
My image of this tune is that a fire lights step by step and the flames spread out as if they are dancing.
This tune has rather hard sound with a very nice solo by Emmanuelle.
My solo has a "burning" sound.

6. Journey
Walk, walk, walk that is my image of this journey.
Many things come and go in your mind while walking.

7. Love song
I originally planed to record this tune with only guitar.
But luckily my Dutch bassist friend, Jan Knooren participated to the recording.
A piano player usually joins in my concert and makes this tune very nice.

Please come to my concert.

Musicians :

Yasutaka Yoshioka (Guitar)

Emmanuelle Somer (Oboe, English horn, Soprano sax)

Tetsuro Ueno (Bass)

Kiichiro Akui (Drums)

Special guest : Jan KnooreniBass)